Acne Pair Cream and B2B6 Vitamin Review

Heyho! My blogging family and beloved readers!

We almost reach the end of 2017. Time flies so fast.

And here i am, still struggling with my acnes.

Yesss, acne is real problem for me over years!! My skin is sensitive and acne prone skin. That’s why i am longing for the best cure , coz after a while, my skin will get used to whatever medication/product and the recovery become slower (and some show no progress at all, *sob*)

So after a while struggle with my everyday breakouts (yesss, it’s here today, gone tomorrow, and comeback again at night, and the cycle continues.. i am extremely tired and annoyed), i finally tried:

B2B6 Vitamin and Pair Acne Cream.


Bought this at instagram. They open Japan PO and all the products they sold are authentic and they do test it for themselves! That’s why i have the confidence and purchase it myself (and some also endorsement, but heyyy, my review is honest and neutral. Sit back and relax 😁)

Let’s start with the vitamin.

B2B6 The famous vitamin taken by majority of Japanese daily to treat acnes.

Contains of :

20mg Vitamin B2

100mg Vitamin B6

110mg Vitamin C

107.7mg Yokunin Extract

1.4g As Protozoa Drug

40mg L-Cysteine

30mg Nicotic Acid Amide and,

0.05mg Vitamin H

And some partially pregelatinized starch, corn starch, hydroxypropyl cellulose, CMC-Ca, MG stearate, hypromellose, titanium oxide, talc, yellow No 5, iron sesquioxide.

Nah, why is it important to list them all? It’s because i want you to google it by yourself (to ensure you) and read that all those are normal and good and safe to be consumed.

Now, the dosage.

Best to be consumed 2 times a day, 1 pill each (15 years old and above) and 1 tablet a day if you’re at least 7 years old.

It works well to heal all acnes type, inconsistent menstrual period, pre-menstrual symptoms, mouth ulcers, sebums, whiteheads, rash, skin irritation, as well as helping the formation of collagen.

Now what about my personal justification? I love the vitamin! I browse all the ingredients and find detail information about it.

All the ingredients contained inside are really good for our body, our health.

I do not against this. I am a strong believer that sometimes we need to cure acnes from the inside. We need a better supplement to help our body reproduce the good and fight from within.

I experience no side effects. In fact, i consumed for 3 days and had visible result on the 4th day.

Better complexion, a healed breakout, no dry skin on the troubled areas.

Next is the Pair Cream.

Pair Acne Cream This is number 1 best selling and most wanted cream.

Contains of:

30mg Ibuprofen Piconol

3mg Isopropylmethylphenol

Stearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, disodium edetate, paraben, diisopropanolamine, octyldodecanol, 1,3-butyleneglycol, carboxyvinyl, polymer and fragrance.

Recommended for acne prone skin, (to heal any type of acnes), skin eruptions.

Why do i love this Pair Cream? The cream is light! My skin could absorb this cream fast, so i don’t need to wait longer to apply my skincare routine and makeup.

This cream could be used multiple times a day as needed. Very light scented. Not greasy, not oily, not sticky.

And effective to treat my breakouts!

The dry skin around my breakout also soothen, well moisturized.

The cure process took a while for big acnes, but works fast for minor breakouts.

The only thing saddened me is this cream contains paraben. However, i do notice that most of the skincare products out there also contain paraben. And they have already test this out before selling, so sit back 😁

[Paraben is not a dangerous thing. It is some kind of preservative commonly used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products]

Now let’s see the progress on my skin. I have better complexion after the 4th day.

My skin become moist, breakouts almost healed. You can see the visible improvement for yourself.

I have small tips for all of you who are going to buy and try these products.

Vitamins: You can try the 70 pills for a start. It is stated to get best result, consume 1 pill, twice a day.

I drink this every morning and before bed.

Pair Acne Cream: Don’t forget to wash your face first, then apply toner and essence (if any on your skincare routine), apply Pair Acne Cream on areas that need to be taken care of, then apply moisturizer on any other areas.

I don’t recommend to apply the cream after you spread your moisturizer onto the whole face, coz you will feel that this acne cream “doesn’t stay” or blend too well with the moisturizer. Like easily wiped amd gone. Such a waste right :,(

That’s why, for me, it is better to put no moisturizer on the breakouts.

I apply this cream 5 times a day.

The key for the maximum result is the consistency in everyday usage. It is important to stay committed!

Now if you ask me how long you need to take the pills and use the cream, i have very diplomatic answer to that.

Use the cream only if you need them. When acnes come, apply the cream regularly. When the acnes gone, stop applying the cream. This cream is not for eliminating redness and acnes scar, okay?

For the vitamins, if you have already opened the bottle, then finished it. If that’s your second bottle and you think your skin is back to normal, finish it then you can stop.

Why? Because it is real vitamin! So you don’t need to be worry to consume that.

I almost finish my first 70 pills, and i am going to continue to my second bottle. Just to maintain the good hormone inside of me. I am going to take another bottles in the future, when my breakouts get worse again.


So are you going to give it a try? You can check on Instagram to place your order. And do read their testimonies to enlightened your curiosity.

For my fellow bloggers and readers outside Indonesia, you can try to browse them. Or if you happen to be in Japan, you can find these 2 easily.

If you want to discuss this with me, you can drop a comment below 🙂 I will assist you.

** Disclaimer: Products used were some endorsements and some i purchase myself. What stated above is true and honest from my personal experience. I never published a review that is not experienced personally by me.

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