Facial Experience with Thalgo

Hello Beauty Enthusiasts!
Today i want to share with you my first ever facial experience with THALGO, which has been known widely for its Marine Beauty 😍
Before i start with the review, let's have a history class about THALGO

The History: THALGO

THALGO is the pioneer in marine cosmetology created in France, 1964 by pharmacist Andre Bouclet.
And today THALGO has partnering with luxury 5 stars hotels, resorts, and spas in more than 90 countries all over the world to expand its unique treatments and cosmetic products.

And here in Indonesia, PT Auraluxe Indonesia is the only distributor of THALGO.

All THALGO products contain NO:
Parabens, Mineral Oil, GMO, and Propylene Glycol.
Free from those materials. Its all marine and no testing on animals too ❤️ For my dearest Muslim friends, THALGO products also HALAL.

You can visit Thalgo Website to get to know more about it.

The Experience: Collagen Facial

Nowww let's get back to our main topic. The exclusive experience ❤️
I was happy and blessed to try THALGO beauty branch at SOGO Pakuwon Mall Surabaya.

On that special occasion, i got the chance to try THALGO Collagen Facial and become the model for Beauty Workshop that happen to be on the same date with my appoinment.

This is not the kind of facial that feels hurt and gonna make you shed a tear.

THALGO facial is a beauty and wellness facial, which you can looking forward for luxury spa treatment for face and body. Not just a massage, but also to make our skin radiance.
Not just a beauty treatment, but also a gentle pat here and there to circulate the blood and make sure the serum is fully absorbed.

I feel relax through all the process. And to my surprised, i didn't get that itchy, tingling, or burning sensation. It means that my sensitive skin could accept this ❤️

Facial Process:
The facial started with a mist that sprayed onto my face, then the Therapist give me a gentle massage.

After i feel relax, then se continue to clean my face from makeup.
Give another massage.

Third, she give me scrub serum. First to the wrinkle areas, fine lines, smile lines, and near eyes area.
Then she scrubbed it gently. 8 minutes focusing on the wrinkle areas, 2 minutes on other area.
So the scrubbing time is 10 minutes in total.

I know this is a bit longer than any usual scrub routine, thus, my skin become a bit red.

But don't you worry. I didn't get any rash after that. In fact, i have a brighter skin and feeling more smooth!

After done with the scrubbing, the Therapist prepare the Collagen mask, and leave it on my face and neck for 15 minutes. When the timer showed it's already 15 mins and the therapist removed the mask, everyone said "woahhh…" to express their excitement to see my face. They said my face look brighter immediately.

Turns out to have beauty skin we don't need to go under hurtful treatment 😁

After finish with the facial demo, Ms Vicka as the PR of THALGO Indonesia gave me a moisturizer for sensitive skin to try. She really concerned about my sensitive skin. I happily received the cream and give it a try.
How do i feel about the cream?

The Cream

I love the packaging! It feels like carrying beautiful blue stone on your hand 😊

Blue clear bottle with stone like shape 🙂

When i first torn the seal, i smell the moisturizer and fell in love the scent!
I can't really tell what smell is that, but i can describe it in words: luxury spa!

Yes.. That's the scent you can smell at Luxurious Spa places. The elegant and calming scent with a twist of root, flowers and marine.

Super love 💙

The moisturizer works well on my skin. Don't see any sign of redness, rash so far. I do experience purging on my chin.

FYI, My chin is the most sensitive part on my face. I have breakouts everytime i eat oily and fatty meals. It get worst whenever i get cough and sore throat.

I guess my chin need to do some adaption with the cream 😊

But don't worry, purging is normal and it will end eventually.

So that's all about my first ever facial and cream from THALGO.

You can ask me anything or share your experience too.

If you wish to try their facial, you can get it for FREE when you buy THALGO products with minimum purchase of IDR 800 K.
You can simply book your Beauty Spa experience at Papillon Blu – Raya Sukomanunggal (without product purchase). A good place to relax body and soul.

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