Little Voice

Hello good morning dear readers ❤️

This post is just another random thought and kind of self reflection for me.. so please pardon me if you got boring while reading it 🙂

You know that inside every one of us, there's a sanctuary for the little voice.

Little voice that will remind us, warn us, and sometimes talk back to us when we are wondering and lost.

This little voice usually says a good and positive vibes.

As the time goes by, do you still hear it often? When does the last time it speak to you?

They said…. the more obedient you are, then the voice will talk often and vice versa, the more you ignore, you will hear no more from it.

For me, i prefer to hear it often. How calming it is when the storm of life come, and everything like trembles and falls into pieces, yet i don't feel alone. Every negative thought and  desperation were driven away.

But of course, to be able to hear it often, we need to nurture it.

We need to take words of encouragement from God's promises. We need to believe that. We need to consume a lot of "positive pills" and load it into our brain and heart.

And when the little voice speaks, we need to obey. We need to be quiet and reflect, and do it 😊

and then we will hear from it often, everytime we need alarm in this life 😊

This little voice…. often become a blessing to my situation. It keeps my mouth and anger shut, thus lead to wonderful harmony of relationship.

This little voice…. helps me to think better and wiser.

This little voice…. saves me from desperation.

I am not a perfect man, i do ignore and keep my ears shut sometimes.. i do let the voice become an echo… just an empty echo…

But I cherish the little voice inside of me. Trying my best to "feed" this little voice often, so it knows that there's a welcome place for it to stay.

So let's give the little voice one more time to shine in the darkness inside of us..

And be the light..

To remind us..

To stay in the right path of life.

Little voice little voice..

You are not only an echo in my head…

You are not only shadow in the heart…

You are part of me, waiting to light out the dark..

So let's fight this darkest hour together.

You and me..

Remind me… encourage me… never depart..

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