Cetaphil Facial Wash Review

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As a woman, i do really concern about products that i am going to use. Especially when it comes to skin care. Including facial wash.


Face wash is important as it is the first step of any beauty skincare regime to achieve that healthy skin.

Healthy from the dust, healthy from the UV, healthy from makeup residue and more.

I have been trying many brands from drugstore like Pond's, Garnier, to the premium brands like SK-II.

And so far, my skin doesn't show any signs of irritation or other thing that make me need to stop from using it.

The reason i change the brand is because i always want to find the best for my skin.

This habit change when i started to travel during Winter season, to the country with super cold weather.

Turns out that the brands i've tried before can't really protect me from this weather. My face become extremely dry.

** please note that my skin is sensitive and this might not happen to you. My mom and sis don't face this problem when travelling during Winter (degree below 0'C)

I went to marts and Sephora and bought different brands and they all gave me the same result.

Until i went to Wallmart and find Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser.
Yeah for face. Not that Gentle Skin Cleanser that could be used for face and body. It is hard to find in Asia. I can only find this at US (so far. Or maybe i haven't explore many marts to find them at other countries)


Why i love Cetaphil Facial Cleanser?

Cetaphil Daily Cleanser is super mild, non irritating even for sensitive skin.

This could be used for deep cleansing, not only removing the oil and dust, this facial wash could cleanse makeup. 

Suitable for all skin type.

It moistures my skin from dryness during winter, but also suitable for humid weather in Asia.

Super affordable

That's why i really love this product and always buy some to bring home.

The downside would be because it is not easy to find šŸ˜¦

My other option would be the Skin Cleanser: Face & Body

Same as Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, this is also mild and non irritating. Since it is mild enough, it could be used for baby skin .

This could be used for bodywash and facewash.

Easy to buy wherever you go.

Downside: not for deep cleansing, can't really wipe off our makeup residue.

Both type of Cetaphil Cleanser i mention above can protect me from dryness. It is gentle to my highly sensitive skin. If i have acnes or breakouts, the troubled areas won't get dry or irritate as well ❤️

I have stopped trying new facial wash and rested my final choice on Cetaphil.

I even used Cetaphil products for my baby boy ❤️

Too bad, i could only find the shampoo, lotion, massage oil, and the body&shampoo in Indonesia.

I love the Ultramoisturizing Bath & Wash.

That's why everytime i travel overseas, i would buy a lot of this Cetaphil Baby Ultra Moisturizing Bath&Wash. and i could just buy the shampoo here.


My family and i really love how Cetaphil take a good care of our skin. What about you? Share with me if you have the same experience ❤️

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