Innocent Like A Kid

Hello dear friends 🙂

Today i want to share with you my personal thought about being innocent like a kid.

This quiet moment happened few nights ago, when i was at hospital for my baby immunization.

While we were waiting for our turn to see the pediatrician, Darren played at kids playground. And after awhile, came an older girl playing by herself too.

My baby, without hesitation, came to the girl and followed wherever she goes. Knowing that my lil one wanna play with her, she can nurtured my boy.

She invited Darren to play together. Hide and seek, catch me if you can, climbing and sliding together. They laughed and running all over the playground.

Look how simple they are. 

They see new friend, they greet one another and play together. 

Things become complicated when we get older. We choose our friend selectively – which is good if you are selecting them based on the good and bad influence. But often, we, unaware, choose our friends based on the family background, religion, gender, race, and many other complicated aspects.

And this leads to the big gap in humanity. Some group think that they are more exclusive than others, and many more.

How sad it is….

If only we can once again being like a kid.. With pure heart….

And all we want is to make new friends and together we laugh…

I believe that we will create a better world.

Less problems… Less dramas…. Less concerns…. Less jealousy…. Less competition….

More loves.. More friendship… More supports…. More laughs…

Another thing that i reflected from my son…. He's easy to pleased. One hug is enough for him. One silly act could make him giggles long enough. He couldn't get angry for too long, even if i annoyed him.

I do really miss the days when i can laugh at simple things 😊

This is not a naive idea or dream. We all can achieve this if only once again, we become as innocent as a kid.

We all once a kid.. we all once so innocent and have a pure heart.

May this spirit always inside us ❤️

Remember to smile and be the blessing and the help for people around us 🙂

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