BCL Browlash Ex Eyebrow Gel and Powder Review

Good day beautiful souls ❤️ First of all, let me say Happy Eid Mubarak to all my friends who celebrate this moment 🙏🏻

Today i want to share with you a secret for on fleek eyebrow .

I have thin eyebrow hair. This make me cannot go out without "drawing" my eyebrow first.

I feel naked without it 😞 i know it sounds cheesy, but how many of you can relate to this feeling?

And thank God for this BCL Browlash Ex that i got. It saved my day, my eyebrow, and perfect for travelling too. Wanna know why i say so?


BCL is a Japanese Brand.

And one of their best selling products is this Browlash Ex. 

It's a two ways magic wand.

The first side is for us to draw the frame . I love how thin the pencil is. It's perfect to draw the eyebrow, especially to make the sharp end angle! Plus.. because it's super thin, the color also super fine ❤️ natural

Second side is the powder. This to fill the eyebrow and make it looks soft and natural. Super easy to blend.

What i love about this Browlash is i can use the powder to contour my nose too! Yes true ❤️👍🏻

It's soft and natural. The result isn't obvious so you can't see the visible straight line on my nose. In which, pro MakeUp Artist say that's the right way to contour nose.

Visible straight line will make it look fake and unnatural.

But i do know that some people prefer to have the straight line on the nose. If you wish to achieve that with this BCL Browlash, you just need to apply more layers.

Don't you think this is perfect for travelling? We don't need to pack many beauty stuffs. Just this magic wand and we can have perfect nose and eyebrow 😍

Moreover, this Browlash Ex has a durable formula that will last for 24 hours no matter how hard we sweat, swim, or cry 😍

Always look on fleek for 24H sounds pretty amazing for me ❤️ not to mention the cute Minnie Mouse character on it. I'm a Disney lover! Minnie Mouse is a legend, so does this BCL Browlash Ex.

Time to discuss the price and how can you get this product..

The price is IDR 224,900 . Definitely not the kind of drugstore makeup. I honestly do think that the price is worth  ❤️

I got this from KayCollection.

You can purchase online (worldwide shipping) at www.kaycollection.com or through its instagram @kaycollection .

You can also visit their stores. In Surabaya, Kay has stores at TP3, Pakuwon Mall , also available at SOGO Cosmetics Galaxy, TP4, Pakuwon Mall.

Don't forget to join Kay x BCL Competition: Road To Japan ❤️

Blogger & Vlogger, all you need to do is reviewing BCL Products.

For Beloved Customers, just buy minimum 2 BCL products and you got the chance to win this trip!

Check the full information on my previous post:


More info about BCL, kindly follow its instagram account @bcl_company_official

Last but not least, wish me a great victory a.k.a win the ticket for Japan Trip with BCL and KayCollection ❤️🙏🏻🎉👏🏻💗

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