Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

Hohoho it’s finally up on my blog.

I receive question about gift ideas so often. On average, i get 3 in a month.

Therefore, i decide to put it on my blog.

Just in case you need ideas to give your parents, in law, friends, or your crush a gift, you can rely on this directory ❤️

Let’s start!

Gift for Boyfriend

Wallet, Belt, Pen, Cufflink, Tshirt, Shirt, Polo, Long Sleeve, Jacket, Hat/Cap, Video Game, Book.

Gift for Girlfriend

Makeup, Dolls, Bag, Wallet, Shopping Vouchers, Flowers, Skin Care, Jewellery, Accessory, Clothes, Book. Or just simply bring her flowers and romantic dinner, she’ll love it ❤️

Gift for Mom or In Law (Ladies)

Skincare, bag, handbag, wallet, blouse, make up, clothes, bouquet of flowers, ice tart / cake tart, healthy supplement: preferably ginseng or bird nest.

Gift for Dad or In Law (Men)

Cufflink, pen, wallet, belt, clothes, healthy supplement, book.

Gift for Friend

Clothes, wallet, skincare, accessory, book or just as simple as birthday cake with heart warming birthday card.

Gift for Graduation

Pen – a good one, for him/her sign a contract paper and many more great deals in their life.

Flowers and Card

Gift for Valentine’s or White Day

Flowers, Chocolate, Fancy / Homemade Romantic Dinner .

Gift to Come Over or Visit BF/GF Family

If you live in another town, bring the most favorite/popular foods/goodies from your hometown. But if you live in the same city, don’t bother. Just bring the best version of yourself and be polite 😊

Gift for CNY / Christmas / NYE / Ramadhan, etc

Hampers of food, fruits, or healthy supplement for the family.

For your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, i don’t think it’s mandatory. If you still want to give, then you can always refer to the gift ideas i have mentioned above tho it might be confusing to differentiate birthday gift and other celebratory gift.

Bridal Shower Gift

It is best to coordinate with friends and spare your time to have dinner/lunch together. Even without decoration, bridal shower could be heart warming too. You can give a letter and don’t forget…. Lingerie 😍

• Baby Shower Gift

I prefer to give and receive things that are usefull for the journey like pregnancy book, parenting book, sterilizer for baby bottles, feeding set, or even a treatment for mom to make sure she still looking gorgeous on pregnancy and after delivery such as massage coupon, skincare.


There’s a believe that you cannot give Watch – Perfume – and Shoes to your loved ones as it will cause the relationship to end.

Shoes – you ask the person to go away from your life.

Watch – as the battery dry and the clock stop ticking, so is your relationship.

Perfume – perfume will evaporate. They believed it will happen to the relationship. Love and the fire inside will evaporate and gone.

So how this thing relevant in our modern life? Do i believe this?

I personally don’t believe that. I gave my husband perfume and he’s still with me ❤️ I never gave those 3 items above to my exs but our relationship still end.

But if you have a doubt, then it is better to stay away from the “old believe” because i once heard this saying that if you have even only 0.1% of believe, it will happen to you. But if you don’t, it will never affect you.

We’ve come to an end 🙂

I do believe that every gifts should match the personality of the receiver and the financial of the giver.

It’s important!

If you running out of ideas, you can always ask their wishlists and make one of it comes true! A personalised gift could always be a great option too 🙂

Don’t measure the gift from the price and the brand
. Measure it from the thought and the care and the time the person (giver) put to prepare you such things.

And don’t feel burden to “pay back” at the same level of gift.

But i’m not here to teach you to become stingy okay…. If you have the budget, make sure you give your best too.

At the end of the day, your priority, commitment, your time, your consistency and loyalty are the things they will remember for life ❤️

Before i put this to end, i believe some of you will whisper like “can you suggest me the brand or which store to go to buy the clothes, bag, etc?

Brand always related to the budget you have. It is wiser and better that you go for yourself and look for what suits your wallet.

Don’t be afraid or feel ashame if you just browsing around without buying.

Ignore their weird look. Help yourself 😁 or you can always browse it on your browser first to know the price range of particular brands before visitting the store 🙂

Good luck preparing your gift 🙏🏻

And if you have another great idea to share, just comment below. I would love to have new insights too ❤️

** Pictures are from various sources at Pinterest**

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