My Best Pick for K-Drama

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. This is because of the dream i had.

I was dreaming of taking a lead role of lady that successfully bring her team to achieve ultimate goal at work. My team is the best Sales Team at One International Company.

Sounds familiar? Haha coz i dremt about Misaeng – the korean drama that i watch recently.

And as i open my Ask.Fm and scrolling through hundreds of unanswered questions, i can notice that some of my friends were asking about which korean drama i love the most, who’s the best korean actor and else.

So i do think why don’t i make a blog post about it. Something fun to share 😊

Let’s start 😎

Frankly speaking, i am not really into K-Dramas, K-Pop, and anything fancy about Korea.

For me, KDramas are too good to be true. Over romantic that can make some of my friends go crazy and have high irrelevant expectation about what sweet man must do.

But i’m not anti or against it. I watch K-Drama. And only few were really my favourite.

It’s not The Heirs, Goblin, Descendant Of The Sun, My Secret Romance, and many more infamous title. I like them, but not in my favourite lists. I guess i have weird taste of drama.

So here’re my all time favourite K-Dramas:

Misaeng | Incomplete Life

Misaeng portrayed Yim Si Wan as Jang Geu Rae, a man who devoted his time to become a professional Baduk Player. When he failed to become professional player, he need to start living as an ordinary man, looking for job to earn money. Too bad he has no other qualification beside Baduk. This make him almost impossible to survive the competition and deadline at his work. Luckily he has a boss and team who very hard on him but also supporting him to become success.

Misaeng is the most relevant and practical drama ever! You can relate well to the story. Even if my synopsis sounds boring, you have to give it a chance and watch for yourself. My sister who never work at company at starting level, also love this drama.

You can relate well how bossy is your boss, how cruel is other colleague, office politic, self motivation to excel in workplace, not to forget this drama has a lot of motivational quotes for us to carry on life.

Other than very rational heart warming story, this drama also starred with many good looking actors and actress. So you won’t want to miss an episode of it.

Si Wan as Jang Geu Rae
Byun Yo Han as Han Seok Yeol
I love some of the original soundtracks too:

Tomorrow – Han Hee Jung 

But So – Si Wan

Fly – Lee Seung Yul

Hidden Path – Red Cheek Puberty

Try to browse the review, you’ll see high rating and most people love this drama, even our friends in America also love this!

This series teach me to become tougher and have perseverence in life. Get up and continue to work hard coz real attitude and real success will never fail you.

Cinderella and Four Knights

A story about a broke woman who work so hard to get into university after her mother passed away and her dad doubted that she’s his daughter. Ha Won (Park So Dam) then working for super rich man with a mission to make his grandchildren relationship work well with him. This filthy man will support Ha Won financially with one condition, she cannot date his three grandchildren. As we all can predict, she dated one of them!

In this drama, Park So Dam played with Jung Il Woo . Bitter sweet of the story really heart warming. This drama turns my moody days into a bright one.

I always sit quietly and watch the series, making sure i do not missed an episode of it.

This not like Misaeng which is relevant in life, Cinderella and Four Knights is typical fairytale story. Not too exaggerated in act of sweetness of the male actors, that’s the reason why i like it. I love the chemistry between the roles there. Almost real ❤️

And i kinda have crush for Jung Il Woo too (before, my perfect idea for fine man are Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh, and Robert Downey Jr. and now, an Asian man!) and oh i forgot to mention earlier, Byun Yo Han. He always kills every characters he play. I’m a new fans wohoo ❤️❤️❤️

Jung Il Woo

Super love the soundtrack too, especially the one from BTOB, called For You.

This is the second time i love korean song! My first one is when Shin Min Ah sang one of the soundtrack of Gumiho. Relaxing, soothing and heartwarming ❤️

Glorious Day

Almost like Misaeng, the drama is filled with good looking actors and actress. The storyline is real too.

You won’t see a love with big gap of background or any other fairy thingy.

Just a mother who wanted her sons to marry women from same class. She might be evil, but she never did anything contrary to the law. No murdering, no poisoning, just give a cold shoulder and  sharp words, which is so relevant and not exaggerated. 

And this drama has happy ending ❤️

Tho the synopsis i give might be a little sad, this series genre is not a sad drama. It’s a romantic comedy. So expect laugh and more laugh.

Gumiho | My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox

This is my very first crush to K-Drama. 

It’s about Gumiho (Shin Min Ah) who trapped into a paint in the temple and manage to make a contact with modern man (Lee Seung Gi) to rescue her. After that Gumiho follows this man everywhere, share her power to this man too. Till the day come that she wanted so bad to become human.

I know the story line does not make sense. This is totally a fantasy. But i love how the story goes and the epic acting of the roles. 


A fantasy and thrill genre. This is an epic drama for me. No time for over romantic love life, this drama make my heart beats race with the plot.

It’s about an old walkie talkie that send transmission and make a detective from the past able to communicate with present day detective.

With the help from both past and present days, criminal case solved one by one. But they need to be careful because changing the timeline might affect the past and future differently. And the danger also closer to them.

Fabulous Neighbour

This is a bad bad bad story to be true in real life.

A wife who is unfaithful then got amnesia, a husband who want revenge because his one and only daughter passed away due to the careless act of his wife and  her love affairs.

This drama is suitable for 28 years old and above since the actors and actress are not so young anymore and the story line is heavy too. However they manage to deliver the story and emotion well.

I love how Seo Do Young played his role here. Romantic, ambitious, cold, gentle at the same time.

Please Come Back, Mister

This is a super funny and heart warming drama, starred Rain as the main man role.

A story about two spirit who back to life but their body were not their previous one. They got into someone else body.

I always laugh so bad in every episode. Hilarious! Perfect drama to enlighten busy stress day.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This drama was recommended by my BFF. It’s about Bong Soon who inherit superhuman power from her grandmother. She is super strong.

She’s in love with her friend while her boss secretly like her, and without her knowing, she also start to like her boss.

Story is super fun and cute, and it doesn’t get me bored since it has a crime scene too.

Doctor Stranger

I can say that this drama very different to others. It involved many medical scene and terms. Genius. Smart.

But just like any other K-Drama, it filled with wonderful love story too. I love how Lee Jong Suk played as Park Hoon here. Charming and smart ❤️

So that’s all about my favourite K-Drama to present days!

I know my synopsis were all boring. I have hard time to deliver it well to you. But i guess you can always google it for yourself 😁 You got the drama titles, so you can check the review by yourself. Sure you will want to watch it.

I have been recommending the titles i listed above to many of my friends and they all like it 💗

They still have their best list too, but my recommendation definitely match their preference too.

So if you have nothing to do on your holiday, i guess it’s the right time to have K-Drama Marathon with the lists i’ve given you.

My BFF, Jessica Salim shared with me directory to stream online:

Look for Newasiantv on your browser. You can streaming your drama fast here. Or you can try for substitles in Bahasa Indonesia.

Enjoy ❤️


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