Chasing a Man

Good morning dear friends!

It’s been a while since my last post about relationship.

So i got this questions a lot on my Ask.Fm account (if you haven’t followed, please do so. Search for: Angeliasamodro) . YES, A LOTTT!

Most of them think that It is unfair if we, ladies, can’t do anything to chase or approach first the man we like. Don’t you agree?

I have experienced this too. I have crush with this boy but can’t do much. Yes i can approach him with friendly manner and friendly talk. Friend to friend. And make it not obvious and not too excited while we have conversation.

Thanked God that the feeling was not one sided only. So i can sit back and relax.

At other times, i also tried hard to make myself noticeable to one guy. Through the ups and downs and still he didn’t have the feeling for me.

From those experiences, I personally think that it is not right for a woman to chase a man. The furthest a woman can go is by “friend” approaching style only.

You can’t be the one who always text him all days long, excited to ask about his activities and everything else, while he might just send you a steady and short replies.

I am old-fashioned 😆 sorry.

But in my experience, man will be least interested if the woman is aggressive.

Because….. Even the most shy man alive knows that it is his actions to take, to show the woman he loves all the affection, attention, and confession. Not the other way round.

So what happen if the man keeps quiet this far?

Well he might give you a hint that:

1. He’s not interested

2. It’s not the right timing to confess his feeling yet

3. You’re just his “friend with benefit”

Now, how do we know whether he loves us but still waiting the perfect time or he just not interested?

Observe ❤️

Man can sugarcoat all his words. Woman can lulled into his sugarcoated words.

But our conscience won’t lie. It transmits the signal to warn us whether he’s a good one, or just a bad guy playing around. It’s our choice to ignore or be full guard.

If he really interested and just waiting for the perfect time to make his confession, he will: 

Consistence with his act: Keep texting, calling and care about you no matter what

Be a man of his words: Rather than just telling you sweet words, he will show the actual acts.

Prioritize you: Even in his crazy tight schedule, he will find that 5 secs to update you that he’s doing fine and get back to you later and wish you a great day.

It will be so obvious to see and distinguish.

Even for the most shy man… He will do that.

So princess, wear your crown and chin up. No need to chase the prince. He will come to your door, bow down and ask you to take a ride with him.

That’s about chasing. No need to chase okay.

However i will be super okay and agree if you want to take that first act to say “Hi” first or text him first.

Friend to friend, remember.

Nothing wrong with that.

Or if he keep texts you and you like him, you don’t need to play cool by ignoring him.

Just show him your true feeling too. As long as it’s not exaggerated or over. 

Because if you play it too cool, then he might get the idea wrongly and walk away from you.

Being open will not make him thinks that you’re cheap.

He will think that you’re cheap if you show the attitude of being cheap woman. Not by replying his chat and be nice to him 😊

Let me put this to an end by saying that i know that in this life we have, Cinderella story does not exist.  Fairytale is just a tale. Too good to be true, i know.

But i also know that any greatest true love story never start with the girl chasing the man.

It is always and forever the man, chase the woman.

Or enchanted by her kind/friendly acts then he pursue her.

And in many cases where the woman chase the man first, most of the story doesn’t end well because the man just take the advantage or play around.

It’s all my opinion, you might agree to disagree.

It’s your life. I know what happen to the majority couldn’t be used as the scale. So you can continue doing what you believe to be right.

Just remember, let no man look down on you and you must love and  respect yourself first ❤️

Have a good day ❤️

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3 thoughts on “Chasing a Man

  1. The part about priority reminds me of him updated me in a second before his plane was about to take off. Actually he and I are just friends but I hope the feeling is mutual in the end🙈


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