New Weapon to Fight Acnes

Hello ladies.

Today i am very excited as i type this on blog.

I want to give you my new favourite “weapon” to fight acnes and redness!! Thank God for this ❤️

If you have followed me for quite a while, you know that i have been discussing about my favourite product to fix my acnes [or you can click here if you haven’t] , so this new post will be the updated version and my new recommendation for all of you.

Hate U Red Spot from Koelf Cosmetic

I believe not many of us have heard about this brand before, or at least me.. I haven’t heard this name before.

This is a Korean Brand. I got this from Elsyoung when i have another collaboration with Surabaya Beauty Blogger . 

Elsyoung is a first hand shop from Korea. All the products are guarantee to be authentic and safe.

To be honest with you, the first time i received this package i didn’t have much expectation because i have already pleased with my previous acne treatment products and didn’t think this product could beat ’em.

Turns out that i am totally wrong about that.

Hate U Red Spot is a liquid solution with a beige color, contains sulfur powder that over the ages has been known to be one of the cure of acnes, tea tree leaf oil, and ginko leaf extract.

As you can see on the above pictures, i have quite acnes and redness. Perfect time to prove that this product is worth to be told ❤️👍🏻

The texture is like liquid foundation, plus it has beige colour. After i put on the troubled areas, i gently pat it and the formula blends easily on my skin.

Not only it blends easily, it is also has a high coverage, conceal well!❤️ I just need to apply thin layer of CC Cream and voila, my redness are well covered!

Hate U Red Spot is wonderful in my opinion! It concealed better than any concealer or primer. Plus it contains with extracts to soothe acnes. What else i can ask?

It serves both as medicine to fight acne as well as a cosmetic to help you look flawless and say good bye to the redness.

Now, how long does it take to cure acnes?

In my case, i need more than a week. I know this consider long as i  apply this twice daily (day and night), and still the result is a bit slow as compared to my previous products.

But let me highlight this, though i apply for quite a long time, the troubled areas don’t get dry, darker, and dull.

This, i can’t find on my previous product. Usually whenever i face “naughty acnes” that hard to be removed, as i applied the formula repeatedly, affected areas will get darker and dry.

So two thumbs up for Hate U Red Spot by Koelf Cosmetic 👍🏻👍🏻

After experiencing the good result on my own skin, i decide to google more about this product to see if there’re any reviews about this. And yeahh i’m not the only satisfied customer.

Many have tried and prove it themselves. So i better take my words back about “not many have heard this brand” sentence 😆🙏🏻

I can assure you that i have already using this product for quite long now and promote this to my sister too.

So if you want to try on your own, you can buy this online at:

Or Instagram @elsyoungid

That’s all about the new magic tool: Hate U Red Spot.

Now i want to introduce you to new masks from Petitfee (i also got this from Elsyoung)

Gold & Snail and Black Pearl & Gold Mask.

Without a routine usage i can’t really tell you whether these masks can really serve the purpose written on the package.

But one thing for sure, the mask sheet is thick, not like any other brands.

But that’s all i can say about the difference. 

And the common thing about this mask is you can feel cooling and soothing sensation that make you relax 😊

Is it worth to buy?

I guess any mask is worth to buy. Despite all the ads and marketing tagline they tried to influence us, mask can really help to soothe and hydrate our skin with routine usage. Not to forget it also help to prevent aging and promote supple skin.

So you are very welcome to try this brand of mask or continue your previous products.

But don’t forget to try the Hate U Red Spot from Koelf Cosmetic. Coz this is magic magic magic ❤️ *singing happily*

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