Kay Collection x BCL Road To Japan

Hello beauty enthusiasts!

Last Saturday I was invited to attend Kay Collection Gathering with Beauty Bloggers in Surabaya.

The gathering was held at Zest Hotel Jemursari and started around 10.30 AM.

I love the ambience at Zest Hotel Jemursari. The hotel doesn’t look like other budget hotel which super minimalist in decor and furniture. Here you can feel relaxing and good furniture + design too.

And one more thing that i love from Zest Jemursari is the flexible 24hrs check in and check out. Take example if you check in your room at 8 PM, many other hotels will sign you out at 12 PM the next day. But in Zest Jemursari, your check out will be 8PM too. Definitely 24 hours. ❤️❤️👍🏻

For more info about Zest, click this link:


Back to the gathering…

Ci Sophie from Kay Collection started it with products introduction from Kay Collections which led to the launching of their new collection: BCL

In case if you wonder what Kay Collection is, it’s a beauty shop that sells beauty products from brand like Masami Shouko, Dolly Wink, Tangle Angle, etc. I bet you’ve heard beauty brands that i mention above right?

Kay Collection has both official store (offline) and online (worldwide shipping). So you can buy directly from website or by visitting their stores and try the products directly. You can check their website at www.kaycollection.com or instagram @kaycollection .

After a brief introduction, mic was passed to Kak Amanda to give product knowledge about BCL cosmetic.

BCL is beauty brand from Japan. They have instagram account @bcl_company_official

As a cosmetic brand, BCL has CC Cream, various lipstick, eyebrow products, eyeliners, and cheek cream aka blush on. 

What i love about BCL products is most of them served more than one purpose. Take example of the Beauty Mines Cream Rouge, it can be used for cheek and lip too!

Then the eyebrow products.

It can be used both for filling your eyebrow and for shading!

Perfect product for travelling. We can look fabulous without the headache of bringing all cosmetics around.

As you can see in the picture above, these are my favourite from BCL launching yesterday: Brow Lash Ex, CC Gel, Cream Rouge, and Loose Powder (Mint/Green Color).

Brow lash: it gave super natural color and result on my eyebrows. Blend well. Definitely better than the product i used before.

CC Gel: light, high coverage, blend easily on skin, and it has SPF PA! Who doesn’t love that?

Loose Powder: i tried the green/mint color because it’s suitable for acne and oily skin, which is so meee! 
Cream Rouge: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Best of the best. As i mention earlier, this cream could be used for cheek and lip.

And this cream rouge is totally amazing! My favourite. Why?

Because, during the Makeup Challenge, i didn’t have time to clean all my makeup. So what i did is just simply adding layers on top of my makeup.

As you all know, if you apply cream on top of skin which has powder, the result will usually crack, the powder will clot, or the cream blush can’t blend evenly on skin.

And these didn’t happen to me. The cream blush blend perfectly on my powdered skin! Perfect.

And turns out that this cream also everyone’s favourite too.

So i do recommend you to try BCL Cream Rouge ❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Visit their instagram and check where you can buy its products. Or you can buy from KayCollection website (worldwide shipping). For my friend in Indonesia, you can buy through KayCollection instagram or KayCollection Store. And also SOGO. BCL has its counter there!

The good thing about Kay Collection x BCL does not stop here because you can win a trip to Japan!! 3D2N trip ❤️

There will be 3 winners who can win this awesome trip. 1 Blogger/Vlogger + 2 Regular Customers.

Period entry is from 13 May – 13 August 2017.

How to join this competition:

• If you’re blogger/vlogger:

Review BCL products on your blog/vlog channel. Or you can simply create a look using BCL products.

Don’t forget to post on your instagram account your link of review and put #KayRoadToJapan #BCLBrowLash and follow+mention @kaycollection.

There’s no limit of entry. The more you post, the bigger your chance to win this trip!

• Regular Customer:

Buy 2 BCL products in one bill. 1 bill equals to 1 lucky draw entry.

The more you purchase, the greater your chance to win!

All winners will be emailed and mentioned on Instagram in August 2017❤️

So what are you waiting for? Best of luck!!🙏🏻👍🏻

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