Fav Make Up Remover

Hello friends.

Today i decide to review some of the Make Up Remover i’ve been using and trying over years.

Yesss, make up remover is very important as it is the first weapon to clean our skin and protect it from dryness and other chemicals contained in the makeup.

For me, i always choose “Eye & Lip Make Up Remover” to clean my whole face.


Because my skin is very sensitive. It easily get red and itchy too. That’s why i need to make sure the product i’m using is very gentle .

Eye make up remover is usually more gentle than general make up remover . If it is gentle enough for sensitive area like eyes, it will be perfectly gentle for the whole face 😍

So let’s start!

β€’ SEPHORA Super Demaquillant Yeux Waterproof

This is only S$10 for 125 ml and work so good on my face!

It contains both oil and water. All the make up on my face gone within the 5th cotton swaps! Yes, as quick as that. Even a waterproof eyeliner and mascara! Perfectly cleaned!

Plus… since it contains oil, it will left your skin hydrated. But not to worry, your face won’t look that oily 😊 you will feel fresh and great after you remove your makeup.

And do you know that this product also rich in olive extract that help to strengthen lashes? Sounds marvelous for me!❀

Minus side is…… those who wear contact lenses and eyelash extension may not suitable with this product. Coz it’s oily.

Oil will melt the glue in your extension.

Oil will make your eyes drop a tear, so better to put off your lenses before removing your makeup. It does stated that this product suits sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearers. But in my case, i need to always put my lensen off first, or i can feel my eyes a bit sore.

Next is…

β€’ NIVEA Make Up Clear Cleansing Lotion & Water

The price is only IDR 40 K each. This is so much affordable as compared with Bioderma SensiBio. 

I’ve tried Bioderma too. Frankly speaking the product is a bit overprice. I feel greasy after using the product. At other times, my skin will get red and itchy. So i discontinue and find other remover that suits me.

Back to NIVEA Makeup Clear Water..

Those who use eyelash extension might consider to choose this one . You can directly use the water without buying the lotion. And since it is oil free, your eyelash extension will stay longer! 😊

Sometimes i do think that this product is good too. Coz it cleanse your face pretty fast (4-5 times only) without feeling greasy. But at other times, when my face really dry, i do prefer the oil formula remover. Because oil will help to protect the dry skin.

This is all i can say about NIVEA since it doesn’t really have that formula that “wow” me.

And last but not least….

β€’ Corine de Farme Fluide Demaquillant Yeux

Bought this at Guardian. The price is affordable. If i remember it correctly, the price is somewhere around IDR 100 – 130 K only for 125 ml.

Plus side, this is suitable for those who wear contact lenses! No tears formula πŸ™‚ so you can clean your makeup while using your lenses.

This is a lotion remover and it has fresh scent too. I love the feeling when using this product. It hydrates your skin, as well as cleaning it from makeup. And it’s hypoallergenic too. 

Moreover, this product is formulated with natural origin, purified extracts of plants and flowers.

Minus is… you need a few times of cleansing until the makeup 100% wiped from the face. But not to worry, since it is very gentle on the skin, face will be perfectly fine tho we wiped the cotton over and over. (My case, i need 7-8 cotton to clean my make up)


Okay now it’s time to choose the winner of the 3 products based on my personal experience……

This is hard.. Really.

I could easily put Nivea as the third champion. But it’s difficult to choose the winner between Corine De Farme and SEPHORA.


(Thinking hard)


(Writing again after 20 minutes daydreaming.. *this is really happen*)

I am going to pick SEPHORA as my all time favourite and winner ❀ Yaiiyy πŸ₯‚

After a long thought about the two, the reasons i choose SEPHORA arr because:

β€’  It is affordable. Who doesn’t love to save money while you can get loads of benefit?

β€’ Gentle

β€’ Clean the face perfectly and fast too!

β€’ Extra formula to strengthen lashes

β€’ The after using feeling is best too. Feeling fresh, hydrated, and you really feel that your face is 100% clean, ready to hit the bed!😊

So this is the end of my post. What do you think of those 3 products? Do you have other favourite too? Coz i’m all ears! I wanna know your fav and give it a try too ❀

I hope this review also help you to have better view of the products and make better decision when purchasing one πŸ™‚

Have a good day!


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