Cheers to 27!

Cannot believe that today i am officially 27! (Err i say that every year 😆 but really it’s because i can’t understand how time flies)

These 27 years of mine have been amazing journey.

From one little girl seeking for her true calling and identity, become one mature lady, and now entering parenting season.

27 years being a daughter and granddaughter… I do really hope that i can do more things for my parents and grandma. To make them proud. They have showered me with countless wisdom, patience, loves and teachings. What you see in me today is what they’ve invested in my life. Tho they always say that i make the proud, i believe there’s still a room for improvement and more things to do.

I am not one spoiled kid, but not the best too. I have bad temper and hurt their heart many times. Still they love me and understand that i’m a working in progress.

Their legacy to me is to be kind and generous and never leave God. I will hold on that to my last breath and will leave the legacy to my kids too.

24.5 years being sister… I never asked my sis but if i were her, i do think that i have crazy hard times! We fight a lot. A LOT.. we argue, we dislike one another. But ended up stick together coz what’s thicker than blood right?

I must say that she’s one of the best things my parents have given me. Together we’ve been through so many seasons of life. She always become the generous and kind one. Me, the evil older sis. Yess you will not believe how tough and rude i could be if you awaken the lion inside of me. But rest assured, i will not bite if you’re not stabbing me first. A few bites from you will just tickle the lion inside 😆

Both of us, easy to get angry. But easy to let go. I believe this is one of the reasons we can get along and survive the fights. 

I do really hope i can become your favorite sister and give you a good example to carry on.

2.5 years as a wife… I always happy to be in marriage life. Have the whole times with husband, sharing every ups and downs. Tho we’re still in the early stage of marriage, i can say that this is the best. I don’t regret anything and i want to have stronger relationship.

Let’s communicate with respect, trust and honesty. And dedicate the year of our life for supporting one another. 

1 year as a mom.. The most challenging part of my life is become a mom. Sometimes i do feel that i am not yet ready to take this responsibility raising a son of mine.

I get tired. I get upset. My sleeping schedule is messed up, my pampering and Me Time is almost not exist.

But 1 smile.. yes it takes only a smile to bring the icy wall down. And to be grateful again that I am chosen and trusted to become a mom.

So i need to push myself to prove that i am capable and make the best of it.

His life is a blank page that i need to write carefully. Tho memories may fade, i do hope that forever and ever he can feel the warmth and the love of a family.

27 years as a student.. Student of life. Not yet mastering anything else so far. I am still in progress.

I wish to be more bold, brave, wise, kind, and generous. Need to learn again and again.


If you ask me what i wish/pray for my birthday…

I do really wish that on my birthday and onwards, my son will become a mama friendly son 

This means that no more cranky boy. 

Ahahhaa yeahhh that will become another great gift from Above! I longeddddd for a bit of relaxing day, spending time with loved ones without he’s breaking his cries.

May God granted this simple honest prayer of mine.

So welcome 27! 🥂


Nasi Tumpeng Madura. I requested to have no cake for my birthday and this is what my sis came up with. Surprise!
Countless Blessings

Prettiest Pao Ever! 30 Roses Pao. Thanks Yuanita & April

So that’s all for now. I am grateful and thankful for every birthday greetings amd wishes that were sent to my Instagram / LINE / and Whatsapp . Specially those who really took time and write/type their personalise prayers. Means a lotttt..


May you have a great day as i enjoyed mine!


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