Darren First Birthday

Can’t believe that my son is no longer a baby, he’s a tod now.

And to celebrate this, we prepared simple celebration for his first birthday on April 2 2017.

We went to Matahari Terbit Orphanage in the morning. I really want to teach him how to be grateful in life and the heart for others, to love, to give.

Darren played with around 20 kids. Crawling, singing, clapping, dancing and praying together. We blew the candle and give each one of the goodies back consist of healthy snacks and drinks.

It was a heart warming moment to see the smile of the kids, how they hug us and holding our hands, wanted us to stay longer and play with them. I feel sorry for them. But i am sure and believe they will grow stronger and good life is in front of them.

Actually, there’s this boy whom i left my heart to. But looking at my condition right now, i know i can’t afford to raise him too. Considering to give a monthly supply for his needs tho. Need to check the procedures and stuffs.

Anddd we arrived home at 12 pm. We only had 1 hour left before the guests come.

So i was brosing through Pinterest for theme idea and fell in love with Air Baloon Theme. My sis helped me to achieve what i want. We made all of this from scratch, with love. 1 week sleepless nights paid off!

I used to think that party decorator set their price too high before. But after i went through all this by myself, now i know that they’re offering reasonable price.

Moral of the story: never judge before you put yourself on their shoes 😆

Party attended by family only and ended around 4.30 pm

We all had a good lunch, good talks, and Darren mostly awake and happy. He cried few times tho due to lack of sleep and wanted to play with his birthday presents so bad.

Before i ended this post, let me share tips to make your little one happy during the party:

1. Make sure the party do not interupt his/her eating and napping schedule. I missed this. Luckily he did not go crazily cranky. Just a little cry and it did not last long too.

2. Remind your guests to not force your kid play, kiss, hug or even give them high five when they first come. Let the kid adapts with the new faces, see our guests friendly gesture and observe that we welcome our guests. Then, our kid will enjoy his/her surrounding and willingly give a kiss, hug, and play with them.

I have been practicing this for quiet long time and it works! However i also met some of relatives and family who did not want to cooperate and force to carry my son at instance. Guess what, he’s crying out loud and they simply told me “you must bring your son meet new people often. He’s a boy, he can’t be shy”

Let me tell you that this is not a habbit he will carry till he grows up. This is just a stage where most baby feels insecure toward stranger and need to adapt.

So dont’t be sad mom. Practice makes better. And frankly speaking, i do think it is better that my son doesnt easily attach to someone new. It increases the risk of getting kidnapped without him even aware 😂

Sounds lame but i do really think so 😁


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