Hello Baby Darren

Welcome to the World, Darren!   
I am greatly blessed as I gave birth to my wonderful son, Darren Raphael Miharjo on Saturday, 2nd April 2016 (we really like the date!!!! 2 kuadrat = 4, 4 kuadrat = 16, 2-4-16 LOL so mathematic ya 😁)

He’s 2.9 kg and 49.5 cm long. Born at 9.35 am

And as they said, there’s story, prayer, and wishes behind every name, so does his name.
We’re married for 1 year before God gave this magical seed on my womb, trying out our best to successfully produce a baby.

And on one beautiful Saturday in July, God granted us our prayer. 

So we’ve been thinking and searching name for both baby girl and boy.
We choose Darren for our baby boy.

In Greek, Darren means “gift”. Yesss, he is a gift from heaven.

In English, Darren means “great”. We’re really hoping that he will grow and become such a great man with honour and dignity.
At first, we wanted to name him Darren Samodro Miharjo.

Miharjo is his surname from my husband, obviously.

Samodro… My surname 😁
But a long the journey, I went through the ups and downs of pregnancy.

For the first trimester, I cannot consume rice at all. No appetite.

I can vomit all day long. Every 2 hour.

Feeling cramped, headache, and lot more till I thought that this gonna be my first and last pregnancy. 1 child is enough.

My morning sickness was not like any other moms, I called it “every hour” coz i can vomit every 1-2 hours, the cramped was unbearable, feeling nit enough oxygen on my lungs.

Eventhough I lost 4 kgs (47kgs to 43kgs), my baby’s USG result indicated that he is on a good state. Normal weight, normal length, normal growth. It was God’s miracle and protection after all.
Second trimester was a bliss. My husband and I travelled here and there. We had our trip to Egypt-Israel-Petra too. Eating like there’s no tomorrow. No morning sickness, no cramped, no vomit, no headache, I am all energized and healthy! Gained 4kgs every month! Routine!

Praise God.
And comes the third trimester. We planned my labor day to be the same day with my birth date, April 11th. I will be on my 40 weeks pregnancy that time and baby will be matured enough to make his grand entrance to this world.

But men cannot predicted the future. God holds the key.
Another mellow drama came in!

On my 36 weeks of pregnancy, one super fine noon, I had my dimsum. Eating like a hungry pig… Munching this and that…

And oops! I felt I cannot breathe.. I felt my tummy is super stiff and great pain from inside.

I threw out everything that I just had (read: vomit), with an empty stomach, sweating along the way from the restaurant to the hospital.

Called my doctor and got urgent apt with him.

Through a super quick USG, he made sure that my baby was doing good, but he need to check my baby’s movement and check my dilation (opening of cervix, ready for labor).
And the result was not good. I was still on my 36 weeks, and I experienced stage 1 dilation. Means, in anytime soon, I need to deliver the baby. Coz from stage 1, it can leads to another opening stage of cervix in just a second. And my baby will be considered “pre matured” 
His lung was not yet ready to take the air for breathing.

I was strucked by a thunder and lost hope all of sudden.

Doctor asked me to stay 2 nights and undergo serious observation to make sure everything will be in control.

He gave me injection to decrease my pregnancy contraction. He gave my precious baby injection to help his lung grow faster and ready to be born in few days if necessary.
How scary it was to think all these they called “medicine” but for me they’re all unnatural resources to protect my babyboo… I kept asking about the side effect, about the possibility of being outpatient and resting at my own home.

And that’s not possible.

Baby was in danger…. 😦
So my husband settled the administration for me, and I was put on hourly observation.

I can still feel my baby’s movement but he’s getting weak 😦
What else we can do on this situation rather than cried out to the one who make this universe? To the one who make all things possible and to the one who still perform miracles everyday?

Praying wholeheartedly….

Keep on mind all those God’s promises on the bible, keep on mind all the positive thought that everything gonna be okay.

I cheered myself up by saying “it’s good to see the baby, as soon as he’s ready, not in my time, in his time.”

“Baby so loved his parents and cannot wait a lil longer”
And there’s always hope, there’s always a miracle. God is not too slow and not too soon. He always in time.

After 2 nights on hospital, i can feel his strong movement again.

He’s actively kicking, rolling, hiccupping. These were the beautiful feeling after a storm ❤️

God is our healer. 
Doctor said our condition was super good and we can go home. It just, he suggested to go the c-section on my 38 weeks of pregnancy. I don’t mind we’re not having the same birth date, as long as baby is ready and mature enough, I will not take anymore risk to put him on danger.
So based on those moments, God showed us His perfect miracles. In Hebrew, God as healer is called Jehovah Rapha.

So we took that “Rapha” and make it into “Raphael”, as a reminder and as a prayer that since the beginning God is his healer. And through everything in his life, God is able to heal any bad situations and make it into a good healthy one.
That’s the story behind his name.
I want to take this moment to thank you all for the best wishes, prayers, hearty congratulations, and presents for Baby D- Edo- and me.

We are so blessed to know you all.

We feel so loved ❤️
Thank you for all the wonderful words to welcome baby Darren through LINE, Whatsapp, my Instagram, my Ask.Fm, PATH, and even snapchat.
His Blessed Parents,

Angelia ❤️ Edo


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