Kailijumei Review

Hello Friends!
I am so excited today as i want to review the most happening magical lipstick : KAILIJUMEI πŸ’—
First of all, i want to thank La Vieve Beauty who contacted me and gave this beautiful lipstick to try.
Let the review begins!
The new Kailijumei lipstick has 4 colors to choose: Minute Maid, Barbie Doll Powder, Flame Red, and Dream Purple.

And this time i pick Flame Red for my color.

The packaging itself is good! Come with thick paperbox with full of information and look at the lipstick outer. It has mirror. Super useful and thoughtful!

I couldn’t agree more that this is the most beautiful lipstick i’ve ever seen.

Look at this gorgeous transparent jelly, filled with gold pieces and beautiful tiny flower. It’s magical.

Don’t you think so?

Now for the color itself, as Kailijumei named it Flame Red, i expect to have flaming red lips too.

But when i applied on my lips, it turned to be pink . The more i applied, the color become darker and still the same tone, pinkish.

A bit disappointed of not having the shade i really want but i remember that Kailijumei products are all natural and soft and most of them depend on the body temperature of the person who worn it. So i acknowledge it as the natural soft flame red 😁 (sounds cheesy lol!)

Tho i am a bit disappointed with the color, i am happy with the feeling on my lips. This lipstick is very moist! My dry lips feel alive and hydrated!

It feels like wearing a colored lipbalm. 


Has color

The only different thing is the color stays all day long – which is a good news! ❀️
With only IDR 125.000 , i think this lipstick is worth to try.

I love to have this Lipstick as my collection . 

Does any of you try different shade? Let me know your review. Kindly drop the link or comment below. Would love to know.

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