Paper Flower Bouquet

Do you agree that flowers are women best friend? Umm best friend number 2, beside da blink blink diamond ofc! 😀
There are a lot of flower bouquet inquries each and every day, around the world! 

Birthday flower, graduation flower, get well soon flower, congratulation flower, “be my gf” flower, anniversary flower…. Or just for a meeting decoration!

Most of the special occasions will need flower to complete the day!

From the real fresh flower, to the artificial one.
And those smart people have already looked at the opportunity to sell paper flower and arranged + wrapped it nicely to substitute the real one.
And here’s my favorite!

I felt in love with the flower since the first time i opened the package.

Those of you who have my snapchat knew how sweet the package was!

A transparent plastic (yess u can see the bouquet inside) with a sweet ribbon and sweet memo.

Not written by hand, not printed on some lousy papers. But nicely typed and printed on proper photo paper.

Here comes another surprise when i opened the plastic.

A very beautiful pastel flower bouquet with pearls for the detailed decoration and sweet flowery scent!!

I didnt expect to smell such a nice scent from paper flower!

Great move by spraying a flowery scent into the bouquet. That time, i feel like receiving a real flower bouquet ❤️

So if you’re planning to send a bouquet to your loved ones and think that real flowers die too fast, this could be ur best option! 🙂

It lasts forever.

Smells like a real flower.

Andd does shipping to all over indonesia! Nation wide yaiiy ❤️ ask them whether they could do worldwide shipping as well 😉
Do not worry that your beautiful package will be broken at destination. They packed it carefully and nicely. So sit back and relax.

Expect a lovely happy reaction when your loved ones receive the bouquet.


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