Appreciate Life

Hello readers! :)On this moment, i wanna share with you about how i feel bout my life.
Those of you who don’t know me personally and just follow me on Ask.Fm and Instagram might have 2 different thought: wonderful life vs lousy one.
Yess i’ve received almost equal amount of the comments, one that think “oh you really have wonderful life there! I want to be like you”

And another one who talk behind me and said my life is kinda embarassing, not fancy, and definitely not meeting their standard to befriend with.
So what do i really think about my life?
I am living a super ordinary life. Just like majority of the people. No fancy things, struggle a lot and laugh a lot too! 😊
“Oh wait… Did you say ordinary? I saw you posted travelling here and there, ate at good places bla bla bla…”

Well, the grass is always greener on the other side, i say.

If you just looked at those things, theb maybe you’re right. But if you take greater and bigger perspective, i live very simple, beyond those great things.
I travel because of my parents. I eat at good place to celebrate important dates, not a daily or weekly activity to do.
And above me, there’s a lot of greater life i can be jealous about. Or want to trade my life, if possible, with them πŸ˜‚ But by looking at that side will make me weary and sad and depressed. So why not make a good time with what i have in my life right now?
And that comes the grateful attitude.
Living each day and be the best i could be.
And that is what i want you to do too.
My friends, social media is a media for people to share, to boast, to express. What you see there, is only as far as they allowed you to see.
There’s no all sunshine life. (Meaning: all happy days)

There are problems, struggles, obstacles and many hindrance too. It is just up to those person to show it publicly or keep their life in private.
Those A list celebrities, those top celebgrams, or those famous people, who you see their post are always stunningly amazing and WOW, are too, have problems and hard times.

They just don’t allow you to see how broken they’re in times.
So instead of always comparing and be jealous, try to live your life to the fullest.
There are a lot of simple things to be grateful at.

You have one best friend who always support you, CELEBRATE!

Watching movie or late night talk at phone is all good! You don’t need to go holiday to Paris with your bff to say you have wonderful life and friend 😊
Or as simple as thanking God for all the things you have in your life. Good or bad.
My life too, is sometimes a mess. But i couldn’t thank God enough that He always turn the mess into message.

Into a lesson for me to learn.

And not only a lesson, when I surrender things, when i humble myself before Him, i always see new door opened as a way to solve my problem.
The key here is always be grateful and be content. There’re always people above us. But don’t forget, there’re also many behind us 😊 
Nah.. Now for those who think i am pathetic and living a lousy life because i cannot meet your standard..

Just be grateful of your life.

No need to look down people who is below your level.
You might laugh at those behind you, but don’t forget, you too are not the top. Means, there’re people out there who might laugh at you too 😊
For every other things on this earth has season. Just be wise, be kind, and be humble.
And live your life to the fullest without bothering others πŸ™‚

Published by angeliasamodro

Hello, World! My name is Angelia, currently living in Surabaya - Indonesia. This blog is about a little thought of mine regarding girl's talk, beauty, food, fashion and travel, as well as parenting as myself is a mommy. Hope you really have a good time reading my blog peeps! Get in touch with me through Instagram: angeliasamodro or email me at

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