Act of Kindness

Hello readers! Today i want to share with you about “Act of Kindness”.
Some people look me with one eye when others simply ignore and disrespect my being and perceive my kindness as “mask” or “act” to look good in front of others.

My Kindness Is Not An Act

People will get tired when they perform/act to please and entertain others.

If all that i’ve done was an act, then u will see inconsistency in many areas.

The reason behind my kindness is simply because i believe one good deed will bring another. Or the famous tagline will say “what comes around goes around”

Why should i hate or be rude to those who don’t deserve it? Put myself on their shoes, i will be hurt if stranger just pointing at me and hate me too.

Who love to be scold and hate by others? None of us i believe.

That’s why i always try my best to be kind. And no, i’m not angel from Heaven who always has merciful heart. I failed too. Many times. Taken by my pride and ego and just hurt people around me.

But when i get really mad, it means the person has already went beyond my limit.

And what is the benefit of acting that i am a kind soul and all?

So this is not an acting! I never enrolled in acting class, i did accounting and those boring stuffs fyi 😂

However i would love to ask you to show kindness. Act of kindness.

You never know how one smile or just one simple encouraging sentence could turn somebody’s day.
Imagine yourself at your lowest point, no one could understand you, no place to run, you are clueless and some strangers (or worst, your family / bff) just scold you and mock you. How does it feel?

Let’s put another scene. Imagine yourself at your lowest point, no one could understand you, no place to run, you are clueless and some strangers (or your family / bff) greet you with lovely smile or asking how you doing with a gentle voice. How does it feel?

Being kind won’t hurt your pride. Being kind does not mean you are an idiot, weirdo, too holy, or too innocent.

Being kind simply means you have a big heart to care about others.

Being kind does not require your education, your money, your beauty or else.

Being kind only requires you to bring the best thing out of you!

Yes! Not from outside. Not from something that you don’t have.

But it is within you. All these time.

Why looking for enemies if you can be friend? Why disrespect others if you don’t like to feel one?

Good actions ennoble us, and we are the sons of our own deeds. Cervantes
In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Bible quotes Matthew 5:16 N.I.V
To be good is noble, but to show others how to be good is nobler and no trouble. Mark Twain

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