Baby Diary ❤️

Hello readers.

As i received quite a number of questions regarding raising a baby, i would like to dedicate Darren’s Instagram account for a sharing platform. 

You can click this link or use these hashtag to browse the story on IG #darrenmoments #darrenpicks

I would write a review once in awhile for you to read down. And i hope this would help you to have a glimpse of baby’s world 🙂

Still the most important part lies on your side, as a mom/sis/someone who cares to try and explore and see for yourself what the best for your little joy, as a baby is so unique ❤️


2 days from now Darren will be 7 months old.

It has been a wonderful and adventurous journey for me.

Can you imagine that within a minute, you can feel all the excitement, crazyness, madness, happiness all together? Indeed it’s like riding a roller coaster.

One second you laugh at your little one silly acts, another second you got so depressed and mad.

But these all are worth ❤️ and i believe this is also the reason why every mom keep on going and getting stronger 🙂

The love for the little joy, and the joy s/he brings to your life.

Despite the lack of sleep, not much time to pamper myself and do lot old activities like shopping – cafe hopping and watching movies, i believe i am going to miss these moments in the future.

As the kid grows, like it or not, we will eventually fight with them, not to forget they’ll grow eager to hang out with their friends more instead of staying at home with us – the parents.

I do really cherish every moment in my life, good or bad.

You too! 🙂

I received a question sometime ago, from a young mom, who feel so frustrated with her baby.

All i can say is, each baby is unique. And you are the mom! Trust your “mom” instinct to crack those crying codes! 🙂 you can, and ONLY you can!

Most babies are crying for extra loves and attention from you. Soothe them. Hold a little tight, cuddle, sing for them, play with them, cooing and babble together. I know that we can get tired too, but remember those tiny little creatures cannot depend on themselves. They need you.

And that’s come the Super Mom on rescue ❤️

This childish new mom (me) can hang on and keep on going, i believe you – the stronger one than me, will do better!

This is a lifetime sacrifice, no turning back, ladies.

You better mastering this whole new level of your life. 

And that is why, if you’re not ready, don’t play with “fire” by having sex before marriage 👍🏻

Or the baby will teach u super rough and hard lesson! Lol

Sorry for all the random paragraphs up there. I will end this section by listing a milestone that Darren has reached:

1 week old : first smile

2 months old: cooing

3 months old: first loud laugh

3.5 months old: start to see clearly. Cannot roll, still cannot lift his neck high

4 months old: start to grab things in front of him

5 months old: mastering the 1 side roll session and lift his neck super high

6.5 months old: mastering 2 side roll by his own. Roll roll roll flip flap roll 😂

Learning to sit upright, pass the toy from 1 hand to the other.

Crawl a lil bit.

These milestone is not a must. Remember each baby is uniques. Darren also super slow at one milestone and fast at the other. As long as we keep training the baby, slowly but sure is better than never 🙂


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