Lip Essential

Hello readers!

I’m currently so in love with red shades!

As you heard often, “Red is the new black” and “Red is the color for those who are brave and classy and sassy”

Sooo i really desperate to get a lovely red shade lipstick.

My previous lipstick is too dark and turns out it is not a red vamp but more to dark purple (tho i like it too, good for halloween festive!)

Thanks to La.Vieve_Beauty that offers me to try CityColor and Jordana matte lipstick.

Yippe yahooo.. CityColor and Jordana! Sounds great for me. Coz this two brands are so happening. Drugstore cosmetic which is soo soo sooooo affordable yet has a standout quality.

On the left side is City Color Be Matte Lipstick, M20 – Lola.

As for hand to hand comparison, the color is not that red, it is more to magenta color (mix between pink and red).

But on lip, the result is pretty good! I’m feeling retro

Okayy go back to the first picture, the right side is Jordana Matte Lipstick, No 18 – Ambition.

Just like me, so ambitious looking for a red color.

Okay, now let’s review the color.

Which one have prettier red color?

I choose Jordana 18 Ambition. The red is more intense, the texture is more matte and easy to blend on lip.

Which lipsticks stay longer?


Which lipsticks smell better?

City Color M20 Lola. Smell and taste sweet as candy ❤️

Looks like they’re both are great? Indeed. So it is back to the individual preference, are you confident to show your red bold lippie or a little soft?

For me, i love the bold color – which is Jordana ❤️

Many of you have asked me through Ask.Fm about how i take care my lip.

To be honest, i don’t really put special effort for my lip.

Daily, every morning, i always put on Vaseline Petroleum Jelly in Aloe Vera to make sure my lip is moisture enough and not much breaking.

I will also put on another layer before i swatch my lipstick on it. Yes, just lipbalm, no lip concealer for me.

Before bed, i’ll make sure no make up residue on my face and lip by gently wash it and remove with Sephora Makeup Remover, follow by Cetaphil Facewash.

That’s about all, until Lanea.Beauty contacted me and offered me to try LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask.

Sounds awesome! ❤️

Really love the fruity smell from the lip mask. Taste like a berry too.

The texture is creamy, i highly recommend you to put on thin layer only, or else, you’ll feel your lip is too creamy and thick and somehow your lip cannot absorb the mask.

Leave it overnight and gently wipe with tissue in the morning.

Really love how it works on my lip. My chap lip become smooth and well cured! It is like the dead cell is melted by the creamy texture and suddenly stick on your lip again 😂😁 but this is true you know.

This Laneige product is quite pricey. But Lanea Beauty sells only authentic products and it is worth to try!

Save a bit for a healthy glowing skin, okay 👍

That’s about all i can share now. I hope this article helps you to gind out your ultimate great and affordable red lipstick as well as beauty tips to take a good care of your lip.

Great day fellas!


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