2Years Wedding Anniversary

Time flies so fast! It feels like we’ve just married yesterday, but today has already marked as our second wedding anniversary.

We’ve been through a lot of things within 2 years.

From financial crisis to the breakthrough, lack of responsibility to the whole new level of maturity and understanding and lot more.

Plus… A little bundle of joy who make us emotionally upside down. Happy – tiring – frustrated – lucky – blessed – sad – and the cycle goes on….

But still, through every circumtances we’ve faced, we come as the winner. Slowly but sure, we learn to be a better person, a better spouse, an equal helper for each other.

There’re no regrets, instead, we enjoy every moment in our life and excited to see what the future has for us.

It is too soon to brag about our strong relationship, but one thing for sure is the key of our blissful life, a commitment.

Commitment to stay in love with the same person.

Commitment to be true, be loyal, be the best, and bring out the best of our spouse.

Try not to compare the sacrifices or loves or responsibility that each of us hold, instead, cheering each other and give compliments.

And last but not least, come together as a family in prayer. What has been tied by God, cannot be broken by man. And by inviting God each and everyday to take the lead, I believe that He’s the one – will set the path straight for us.

There’s no anger greater than the love we have. No jealousy greater than the compassion we have.


So, on this special day, my non romantic husband caught me off guard and bring me to an intimate dinner.

We laugh, recalled all the good old days, talking about our future, discussing latest headline news, take a lot of candid pictures and more.

He’s indeed the best partner i could asked for.

happy kid with her steak
looking good, baby

By the way, if you stay in Surabaya, you have to try Angus House at H.R Mohammad

This is my first time eating there. We usually had this in Singapore. Even in 2010, we paid for S$100/pax. But here in Surabaya, you can get set menu for only IDR 500,000 / pax, including:




200gr of your choice of meat

And a dessert

*sorry for the low quality image, the light is super dim inside the resto.

Entree, soup, and dessert may vary from what i’ve had, depending on the chef.

Early Reservation is highly recommended because it’s always fully booked (even on weekdays)

Super affordable price with high class taste!

But honest opinion, Angus in Singapore taste much greater than this ❤️ my fav beside the famous Lawrys.

But again, it is only 500k!! Holycows and MeatShop couldn’t give you this mouth watering sensation even if you choose their higher rank of meat. So go ahead and try 😊



Husband Longsleeve shirt: Club Monaco

Angel’s Top amd Skirt from ikaletsshop Instagram –> check their shop for affordable clothing line

Angel’s Shoes : Studded Beige from shoeliciousworld Instagram –> check their shop for cute affordable shoes, may looks like designer branded shoes tapi bukan replikanya yah. Jadi ngga ada tag ato tulisan nama brand yang modelnya dijadikan inspirasi


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