Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip Ft BareMinerals

Good day fellas!
Introducing my current make up addiction:
Bare Minerals and ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips!
Been eyeing this Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue since my last US trip back then in 2015.

BM Complexion Rescue almost like CC Cream. It contains moisturizer, oil control, and any other good things to make our skin healthy, glowing and perfect!
For my face color, I choose Complexion Rescue in number 2, Vanilla.

To my surprise, even a small layer on face bring medium coverage! Yesss bye big pores, bye blemishes! Super love this.

If you put extra amount (extra layer on face), it gives you high skin coverage.

This is best!! ❤️

Anddd i can remove it quite fast! Faster than CC Cream.

Another good point, it also contains SPF!! Hoho, worry not if you have outdoor activity. This cream also protect your precious skin from ultraviolet.
Bought this for USD 30 before tax at Sephora Seattle.

Worth the price.

The infamous lippie essential: Colourpop!

Mine is Echo Park. I got this from Foxybeauties Instagram

Tired of hearing all the heaps about this shade color and finally the super friendly Rika Mayangsari gave me one to try!

Satisfied! Super creamy texture, rich color, and matte finish! What a great combination for sexy lips! Super love the color too.

No wonder this shade often sold out in many online shops! 

And if you cant get this one, you might want to choose another shade – Magic Wand.

I heard the result is almost the same, but Magic Wand gives you more “nude” look.

Foxybeauties sell this for IDR 140.000 , very affordable. You’ll love this product as i love it ❤️

The picture below, I put very thin layer of BareMinerals Complexion Rescue . And for the lip, I dont put any lip concealer or  foundation before. 

Taraaa!! That’s the result


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