City Color Contour&Correct Review

Have you heard about City Color? Yesss this drug store brand is booming right now! Recommended by beauty gurus too.

Curious with the hype about that brand, I got myself City Color Contour&Correct from Roxefello .

I’ve already heard that this palette is affordable yet give you great result just like other high end brand.

Actually City Color has many contouring products, but i choose the cream one. I don’t really like powder since almost every powdery contour products i’ve tried, show no difference on my face. Tho i’ve applied layer and layer darker color on my nose bone, it still look super “flat” LOL. Can’t really see that i did contour&highlight.

Okay let’s review this product:

There’re 7 palettes inside:

Yellow and orange can be applied for dark circle and eyebag.

Green color is for redness and blemishes.

Purple color is for discoloration.

Creme color is for highlighting.

Brown for warmer, and dark brown for contouring.

Comes with brush too apply the cream on your face too.

So this is my bare face (no filter)

And this is me applying the palettes on my face:

Do i look like Totem? Lol

Okayy since I wanted to have natural look, i only applied a little of each palette.

Green color on top of my forehead to cover that big acne.

Creme on nose, dark brown on nose bone and cheek

Orange color under my eye and yellow for concealer (a bit here and there)

It’s creamy, but easy to apply. Easily blend! 

And this is the result (i’ve applied eyeliner and soft nude lipstick too)

Not bad. Really not bad. This pic is taken under warm lighting on my room. No filter.

I create this look for my endorsemet shoot.

So this is another picture after i dressed up:

Can u see my nose? I really like it ❤️ well defined! 

So for IDR 130,000.00 it is really worth it! Worth to try.

I can save A LOT! ABH cream palette is around IDR 800,000.00 and only for highlight+contour+warm palette.

I dont mind using City Color, it’s proven to have great result as well.


I used these brands for my photo:

MUFE face & body foundation no 2

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow brown

MAC loose powder

Naked 2 Urban Decay : busted & blackout

Wardah chocoholic lipstick palette


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