My Daily Makeup Look

My friends and relatives have been mistakenly thought that I am going to deliver a baby girl.

They made such an assumption as they always see me dolled up when I hang out.
I convince them that it is a boy and this is just a super light and daily makeup look.
So they praised me of having a good skin even when I conceived a baby boy.
Most women will have a lot of pimples, acnes, swollen face, and dark spot at her neck, armpit, breast, and even stomach when they conceive a baby boy, and have a super fair skin and look radiant when they conceive a baby girl.
For me, I only have a few acnes on my chin. But the dark spots really hit me like a thunder!

I have dark spots around my neck (yikes it is like I don’t bath for quite long time), armpit and stomach.

Thank God this is just temporary. When the baby is deliver safely, these all shall gone 😁❀️
These kind of situation make me -like it or not- to always dolled up before going out. 

So let me share with you my daily look (simple make up).
After applying my SK-II clearing lotion, FTE and stempower cream, I apply The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer on my chin – where the acnes stay and make an obvious red color on skin, make sure to cover this 😊
After that, I pump light amount of Etude House CC Cream (Silky) on my palm.

Just a size of pearl for the whole face.

Gently blend it using beauty blender.
And dab a light MAC mineral loose powder to have a matte look.
I’ll draw and fill my eyebrow a lil bit using Etude House Drawing My Brow Pencil (no 3) and brush it to make the color even.
Put a thin line on the eyes using Kanebo Eyeliner.

And voila! My face look surprisingly fresh ❀️
Sometimes I will put on a brown color eyeshadow (using Naked2 palette) to make my eyes more alive.
And do not forget to put a light amount of lipstick/liptint/lipbalm to add more chic and fresh look 😊
That’s for my daily makeup.

And if you wonder how I have only few pimples on my face, Frankly speaking, I don’t really know the answer (sorry…)
But I can share with you my eating habit during pregnancy.
I always drink a glass of fresh fruit juice in the morning (tomatoes, watermelon, starfruit, oranges, blend it all)

I drink a glass of honey in the afternoon.

And make sure to have a lot of water intake through out the day.
A vegie in the evening is a must! 

And for the main course…. (No need to follow this, coz this is not a clean eating LOL)

I eat a lot of meats (beef, pork, chicken, fish). How do I process them?

It is not healthy either.

Most of the times, deep fried with chilli! 
That is why… Like I have told you, I don’t really know why I don’t have much acnes like others.

I think I really owe God big times for this! Or else, I will stress out and need facial every week!!

That’s the end of the chit chat, I hope this topic could help you to do your simple make up / daily look πŸ™‚

Not too much, but still fresh ❀️
Picture is 100% wearing the products I mentioned above.

Plus a fake eyelashes “Eclipse” no 4 and LT pro shading no 2 for my nose bone.

  Less makeup yet still looking fresh


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