Marry The Right Person

Many of you have wondered why I got married as such young age (24) and what make me believe that my husband is the right person I should marry.

I strongly believe that marriage is apart from any age matter.

You can be so young, you can be so old, your age gap with your spouse can be extremely far… But this is not important.

What matter the most is the commitment, the communication, the relationship and mutual feeling you share and experience!

Remember, Love is two ways. You and your boyfriend/girlfriend must put an effort to work it daily. YES DAILY!

Love is like bank saving. Your spouse deposit some amount of loves into your heart. Everytime they do mistake, hurt your feeling, forget the promises they’ve made, their deposit point decrease one by one. And vice versa (yes we’re all hurting each other without even realise about it) 

So… Give more… 

What is a relationship if you cannot trust your spouse? What is a relationship if there’s no update from spouse or if you don’t like his/her sharing about their activity?

What is a relationship if you can’t make time for your loved one?

And if somebody is trully in love, I believe they’ll go extra miles to always cheer you, to love you, to stay in contact with you (even when s/he is super busy), to comfort you, to understand you, and not to make you feel insecure and jealous! 

And yesss my husband did all those things. Not only with the promises and sweet words he said, but the real acts – which count the most obviously 😊

Another point is I always become myself when he’s around.

How many and how often we’re being someone else just because we’re afraid that our boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t like the “true” us?

Pretending to love everything s/he likes, always have the same opinions even when you’re brain is shouting a big NO?

I had several fail relationship before I met my husband. And true enough, in some of the relationship I wasn’t being ME.

I was somebody else back then, and it feels so tiring to pretend, so annoying when I can do or eat or behave the way I like and I used to be.

So having someone who trully believe, appreciate, and accept me as who I am is THE REAL DEAL!

And sure enough when someone accept you as who you are, you’re not only feel happy and stuck there. You do some improvements to make yourself even better!

No one push you. No one limit you. You and your own will to become a better person.

He always brings out the best in me without changing me to become somebody else. And all these good changes of me can be felt by people around me.

(Applause! And so my family accept him and give their blessing upon us)

Another important point is I know he is such a great children who cares and respects his family like no others, yet, he still manage to stand on his free will and opinions.

So I knew back then, he will love my family too like he always love his. And I know if there will be a time when his family intervere in our life, and he has his own mind, he will bravely say no. 

Aren’t you afraid that your in laws are too controlling and your spouse can’t say a word about it?

I am.. So I better make sure this won’t happen.

So today, we’re still in love. Every sweet words, sweet acts and sweet promises he said, is still the same today.

Are you with me dear friends?

Now you know when s/he is into you and is the right person or not.

Don’t confuse over little things like “oh he hasn’t reach me for few days. We’re in long distance relationship. Is this normal? Should I move on?”

No that’s not normal at all. People in love couldn’t be separated even by distance! So if he can let few days off without hearing from you, something is fishy here!

Should I move on? Couldn’t give up that easy too. You guys must work it together until the 2 of you feel that this relationship won’t work.

Remember, love is 2 ways.

Another FAQ, “our age gap is so big! Like 8 years different. Should I reconsider this?”

Hey hey hey it’s not the age that could affect whether the relationship will long lasting or not. Commitment, communication, maturity!

And list goes on..

Trust me, that despite any uncertainty in your relationship, your heart know it best! Your heart know what to do.. Your heart could describe and clasify your relationship. It is just you with no confidence and with fear of changing if something bad happen, going around asking people what should you do and whether s/he is the one for you.

Examine first, work it out together first, and final execution whether to move or to stay together.


Here’s a link to my Ask.Fm account. Been answering this questions more than once 😊


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