Easy Step For Healthy Skin

Many of you have asked me through  Ask.Fm about keeping the skin healthy all the time.

And yes, beauty has a cost! In fact, lot of costs..

And if you ask me whether it is necessary to buy high end brands, i personally don’t think so.

The secret is for you to generously, diligently, and religiously maintain your healthy skin ladies.

If you buy high end brands and don’t use it on regular basis as suggested, it won’t show you the magic result and vice versa, if you buy any other brands and use regularly, your skin can glow too 😊
So here’s my easy step for healthy skin (and yes… Affordable steps!)

1. Drink Enough Water

Get bored with the term? But sorry, this is the true. So start to drink more and more water to make sure your skin stays hydrated.

2. Get Enough Sleep

You don’t want your eyes look like a panda rite? And dark circle as an accessorise? And with proper time of sleeping, our body can do proper detox to release bad toxins and yesss make us healthier and prettier! 

Suggested to sleep before 10 p.m coz detox will start at 11 sharp and for our body to be able to start the detox process, we need to be in “deep sleep” mode.

3. Make Sure Your Skincare Carries Your Skin Needs 

Yesss.. Choose skincare which carry your needs! Not the brand that make you feel good and make your friend jelly with your expensive routine.

You can always discuss first with the SA before buying, ask for starter kit too for trial.

4. Keep Everything Clean

Clean food (including restriction to super oily food, junk food, fatty food), clean water, clean face. Make sure your skin are cosmetic free and dirt free before sleep!

5. Maintain It with Face Mask

Face mask is very easy to find, very affordable to buy and yet very effective to help you maintain your skin healthy.

Any mask can do! I’ve tried KORA by Miranda Kerr before. This was super great and can’t be find in Indonesia.

Glam Glow Supermud – for your acne prone skin. Damn good! But a bit expensive

So I always combine my kora and glamglow with any face mask from Etude House, Face Shop, Innisfree.. They’re all affordable, smell good and work wonderfully!

Today, I included this sponsored Innisfree Mask from Bailey Mask

They sell a lot of face masks from different brands! They sell the nowadays famous animal characters mask too. You can check their store and buy ❤️

   Type of Masks They Sell


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